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Tai Chi Chuan (Tai ji quan)

Tai Chi Chuan (Tai ji quan) is an internal Chinese martial art, more known as a gymnastic of health and has the goal of fortifying the body by circulating energy (Qi); based on the subtle dynamics of the alternation of Yin and Yang that nothing separates.

Called boxing's long life, the movements are fluid, slow, continuous, sometimes sharp; they will develop coordination, balance and dynamism. The muscles relax in action, tendons and joints open, to soften, the body stretches, is recovering.

Through this regular practice becoming aware of its verticality, of its centre (tien Tan) the mind calms, the tensions and the emotions are accept.

Action and meditation unite.

"Understand the nature of the spirit and the body, that is the great root, the agreement with life."

For whom

Tai chi chuan is open to all,

young or old,
high or low,
Agile or less adroit

The practice covers different aspects

  • DAO yin (energy gymnastics)
  • Auto massage (Chinese massage)
  • Qi gong (concentration and breath work)
  • Study of the form (CAT)
  • TUI shou (sticky hands) exercises with a partner
  • Weapons (sword, Rod, range)